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    Carry on Tuesday: Hero’s Journey

    FIRE on Flickr – Photo Sharing! Hero’s Journey This is what I wanted: a hero someone to help meput out the little firesthat crop up around a life I got: you teaching me arsonfueling flames that licked my skinsinged my idealsconsumed and scattered themlike glowing embers across a sooty sky This is what I wanted: a warrior someone on my sidesomeone at my back through life’s battles I got: you teaching me to sow conflictto beat the plowshare to swordto embrace its glittering bladelike a woman sheathes her loverturning submission to power This is what I wanted: a savior someone to pull me upwhen life overwhelmedsomeone to keep me afloatwhen…

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    Poetry Train: Simmering

    Simmer Down on Flickr – Photo Sharing! Silver mists drape the oaksin a gauzy morning wrapper.The sun peeks between the folds.Mourning doves coo seductive approval. My eyes open into yours.Heat, a moist blanket unfolding, settles over me,weights my limbs with a peaceful presencethat could so easily be stirred to passion.And stir you do, one finger, dipping in, languid circles. My gaze takes a slow journey to your lips,watching you lick and suckle,your eyelids drifting down to savor,like a chef over a delicate sauce,a wicked grin as you invite me to taste.I catch the scent and flavor of my own desire,wriggling closer, inviting your pleasure. You withdraw leaving me withyour unswayable…

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    One Single Impression: Inner Voice

    Translation Needed She doesn’t speak in words,this inner voice of mine.She takes the long way ’round,the scenic route. She leads me through forests dressed in moonlight,and past fields of dark-eyed flowers.She comes from a land of feathered treesand heart-shaped butterflies. I speak to her in the simplest sentences,subject-verb-object.She answers in riddled landscapes.I don’t know what we mean,but I bet she does. See other impressions on Inner Voice.