Poetry Train: Blue Harbor


I’ve been so pressed with deadlines this month that I haven’t had time to write anything new here, but my poem, Blue Harbor, is in the September edition of Emuse.

It won the Summer Madness competition, a nickle narrative, five parts, one hundred words each. I’ll post a bit here and you can follow the link to read the rest there. The illustrations they used are beautiful and a perfect match to the content.

Blue Harbor

1. In the Mirror

I didn’t know I had a dark side,
until I saw my reflection in the mirror of a man.
He played dark games.
I wasn’t old enough for night games.
He didn’t care.

You don’t go crazy;
you go to sleep.
When you open your eyes,
when you get up and dress,
the nightmare doesn’t stay under your pillow.
It gets up with you and follows you around.

Read the rest

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