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    Milestones to Happiness

    zenera on Flickr I don’t know if I believe in the idea of spiritual synchronicity, but when something tries to insert itself in my life on three different occasions, I give it some attention. Such was the case with The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. I think it may be the first case of a book stalking a reader. But that’s a long story and the point is that after a month of being accosted by a book I hadn’t intended to read (the sample chapter lurking on my Nook is there because a friend wanted to look it over and the local B&N was out of copies) I have…

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    Shadow Journey

    David Paul Ohmer: Chicago – Michigan Avenue Bridge Steps “Railing Shadows” We started where most lovers do — that starry-eyed place lit by candles.Our tongues mapped each other’s bodies. Next time, his teeth stenciled a crescent moon. Color rose, red to violet. Next time, the marks were stripeslight and dark, side by side, a repeating pattern,a codependency. Dark giving birth to light. This is my contribution to the Friday 55 at G-man’s blog. He has a great “Flash” this week. See what he and the other Friday 55 Flashers have done here. Mr. Knowitall

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    The Fantasies That Keep Us Going

    I began my journey with The Tiger’s Tale at the end of January, 2008. I attached my story to a contest entry form, took a deep breath for courage and hit send. I was hoping for useful feedback and was stunned by a win. Winning was a start, but there was a long trek between the win and landing a publishing contract. When I’m running in a long distance race, I use mental tricks to get myself through the tough spots, those places where I don’t believe I can put one foot in front of the other one more time. I might visualize the clock as I cross the finish…