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Yesterday’s Child and Tomorrow’s Child

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Yesterday’s child left at the end of February a year ago.
The first snow in a decade marked his passing.
He didn’t go quietly into the night.
He clung to his frail body with tenacity.
He savored each of his 90 years
He amazed the doctors again and again,
Fighting back from death’s edge
For another year, another month, another day–
Each time they said he couldn’t.
When they gave up predicting, he left.

Tomorrow’s child came at the start of February this year.
The worst snow in decades marked his arrival.
He came quietly to life, smiled like he was greeting an old friend.
He’s impatient to get about the business of living,
Clinging to wakefulness for hours at a time.
He amazed everyone, holding up his head at the end of the first week.
Batting the blanket with new limbs he tries to push up and move forward,
Not satisfied that he’s already defying predictions.
Not yet, but not so long from now, he’ll succeed.

They named tomorrow’s child after yesterday’s child
The named slipped into place, feeling as perfect as he does in my arms.
Life’s sacred torch passed from yesterday to tomorrow.

I know I’m supposed to be blogging about e-books but I saw this prompt for Three Word Wednesday and my writing addiction took over. But if you’re a commenter on this post you’re entered in the drawing for a free e-library like everyone else. Thanks for stopping by and click that Three Word Wednesday link to see what other participants wrote.


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