Flash Fiction: Hero’s Journey (via )

I’m deep in edits for dualing deadlines on a book and a game, so I pulled this from the archives to use on my Thursday blog at Passionate Reads. I’ll have the worst of this crunch behind me next week. Until then I hope you enjoy the replay.

Flash Fiction: Hero's Journey FIRE on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

This is what I wanted: a hero
someone to help me
put out the little fires
that crop up around a life

I got: you
teaching me arson
fueling flames that licked my skin
singed my ideals
consumed and scattered them
like glowing embers across a sooty sky

This is what I wanted: a warrior
someone on my side
someone at my back through life's battles

I got: you
teaching me to sow conflict
to beat the plowshare to sword to em … Read More


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