Another Fiction Flasher: Snatch Me (via Passionate Reads)

Here’s an update on that Flash Fiction post, Snatched, I did last week. This week, Ellora’s Cave editor Grace Bradley offered me a contract for the novella, Snatch Me, that grew out of that bit of flash I adapted for Three Word Wednesday. I reposted the flash and a blurb about the novella over at Passionate Reads. More to come on Snatch Me here at my blog over the next few weeks.

Another Fiction Flasher: Snatch Me She loves those first moments after a catch, when the air is incensed, tastes of desire. She’s caught in the twin spotlights of his perusal, time frozen but for skidding hearts, the trickle of sweat down necks, the rise and fall of breath coming in soft pants. Chase was given and taken, but the taking’s not done. A damp promise, fragrant with passion’s spice, invites him to strip away the last layer, spread his feast on lush meadow grass. But he … Read More

via Passionate Reads

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