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    Photo by Tomorrow Never Knows on Flickr photosharing Morning brings two choicesRunNot runOpening the front door, a wall of heat bumps my faceSteals my breath, like opening the oven door to check a cakeI inhale the scent of parched grass and baking leavesI ponder that pain in my hip, the throb in my big toeAt my feet the dog pants, wags his whole body, spins in circlesHe doesn’t need a choiceMight as well ask him if he wishes to breathe The workday brings two choicesWritePretend I will get to it in a minuteOpening the word processor is a beatingDoubts slap my faceFears knuckle my stomachOn a shelf is a fat,…

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    Ice Queen

    Ice Queen by Nancee_art on Flickr photo sharing Is that all there is I contemplate renegade eyesOur lost reality rises like a frosty veilBeyond me Was that the best we had Unwind this winterWrapped around my soulLike a lover Melt me With uncharted desiresMake me dripBurn through me like a torch Be my spring ~Nara Malone This post was written in response to this week’s Carry On Tuesday prompt: “Is that all there is?” See what others have contributed or join in the fun here.

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    Thursday Tales: Shadow Journey (via Passionate Reads)

    Sometimes love digs into our shadows. This flash threesome is a peek into the shadowy side of love. If you're not 18 or such subjects make you uncomfortable, please don't read further. Shadow Journey 1. The Call to Adventure "I won’t submit like some sheep," she said with pride. "I'm not a mindless woman who can't find my way. Anyone can lead sheep. I bow only to someone with the wisdom to lead me." "And what if you're consumed? What if love turns you meek as a lamb and bends your ne … Read More via Passionate Reads