All moved in.
Used to be I forwarded mail.
Remember mail?
Now I forward domain names.

The curtains are hung, fresh paint on the walls.
Had an earthquake while I was hanging pictures.
I think one’s still crooked.

Stay awhile. Put your feet up.
Be it ever so humble,
This blog is my cyber home.


This post was written as part of G-man’s Friday Flash 55. Click here to join the fun or see what others wrote.

***I’m holding a contest on the blog, sort of a blog warming party. Over the next six weeks visitors here will have the opportunity to win various gift cards or the grand prize of a ColorNook. Keep checking that contest page tab. I’ll be adding more info daily. We’ve got a serial story, clues to find, and a mystery to solve. All are welcome to play along. Contest launches September 1st.

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