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Nook Contest: Preview of First World

Here’s a preview of the first world we be exploring in the contest. I made this with Frapps (a program I never used before) and edited it in Openshot Video Editor for Linux (first time for this too) so you’re not getting blow your brains out video art here, but you’ll get an idea.

Check back tomorrow for more on how we’ll play the game.

Credits: A preview of my world at Kitely. This world has a minimum of trees and buildings. Rooms are lightly furnished. This provides new virtual world explorers a simple environment where they can learn to navigate in an avatar body. Credits: Music– Free to Fly by David Flavin and Roland Rudzitis. This simulation is a modified world based on the Maya Pyramid Oar by Dave Pentecost and populated with items from Open Sim Creations and KatiJack Studios.

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