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Nara’s Nook Contest: Nara Missing?

From September 1, 2011

Hey there, Bond and soon-to-be virtual-world explorers. Just checking in to let you know I’m on the job. Nara is not the most organized person, so I’m having to untangle this web of connectivity she left behind.

For those of you who are just joining us, Nara has gone missing. Nara’s sexy chef from The Dungeon Gourmet, Bond, gives the details here. Personally, I think the plot bunnies have her, but we’ll get to all that as soon as I have a chance to post the journal pages Bond found.

Don’t worry. We will find her and get her back here to take charge. I managed to find the first world she had planned for you to visit. It’s amazing, a perfect beginner training ground. But you’ve seen the video she posted so you know that.

To get into the world click here. Login with your Facebook ID. You’ll see a big blue button on the right that says something like Enter World. Click that and follow the instructions they give you. It’ll install plugins and a viewer that will enable you to walk around in the worlds Nara created. Don’t worry, it’s all virus and spam free. I see email on Nara’s laptop from editor Grace Bradley and author Kelly Jamieson, that indicates both of them tried it with no problems. I’ll put their pictures up on Nara’s Facebook page. When you get inworld, look down at the bottom bar of your viewer window. Clicking on that fly button is the easiest way to get around–pageup takes you higher and pagedown takes you lower. Pick a nice spot and click that snapshot button in the bottom toolbar. Save the picture to your hard drive and send it to me SnatchMe.JolieMack on gmail. I’ll put your pictures up on Facebook too.

You can go give that a try and if you have problems or questions put them in the comments for this post. If you see Nara, please give us a shout. I’ll be here for awhile getting these journal pages up. After I’m done here, I’m headed for Nara’s Facebook page to make a folder for the pictures of our players so Nara can see them when she’s back.

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