Updates on finding Nara

Bonjour, mes amis. I’m sorry there is no good news to share about finding Nara yet. We’re still recruiting helpers in the search. I want to thank some of our friends for helping.

Siobhan Muir did an interview with me about Nara and the hunt for her. Swing by her blog and give her a big thanks.

Lilly Blue has been helping with putting posts on Facebook for Jolie and figuring out how the BigDoor bar works. Thanks, Lilly. You see her name on the leader board but she is playing along for fun, not points.

Jolie says I can now log-in as Nara on her Facebook page. I still don’t dare to risk logging in with her ID to the virtual worlds. If she is already there and I log in as her, what would happen? I don’t want to do anything that might lead to us losing her forever.

We have new people continuing to sign up. We’re planning to get an email out to them today on their Facebook accounts and let everyone know how they can help in the search for Nara. When Jolie gets the letter done, I will try sending it from Nara’s account.

Once again, thank you so much for helping us find Nara.

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