Update: Happy Labor Day Weekend

I have to say I have a whole new respect for working mothers. We now have three people filling in for Nara and we’re all struggling to keep up with the pace. Nara’s sister, Dorianna, took Nara’s place to run a four mile race this morning.
Poor woman, sisterly love is amazing.

Now Dorianna and Bond are in the kitchen making homemade ice cream and birthday cake for the boy with a birthday this weekend. I’m going nuts trying to manage Facebook posts (almost everyone has the letter I was trying to send).

Thinking about how many women juggle all these tasks on a daily basis–maybe not the same things Nara does, but I’ll bet you it’s just as many things, or more. I’m thinking maybe we should let the plot bunnies keep Nara for awhile so she can get some rest. All you working moms out there, don’t you ever wish you could run away, or at least be carried off by a handsome rogue for awhile?

Was it Anne Tyler who wrote a book about a woman taken hostage in a robbery and every time the robber tried to let her go she said he shouldn’t do that just yet? I get that. I guess those of us who like capture fantasies all have unique reasons. I can see why a woman might want to be carried off, kept in a little hideaway with no big decisions to make and no To Do list to keep up with. Toss in a handsome rogue, determined to keep you with him for your own well being….er…

I know, I’m getting way off the subject.

You’re all doing great so far. I see those numbers in the toolbar ticking up. I do not have any pictures of anyone from inworld yet, so if you sent one, I didn’t get it. Let me know if I should have yours. Lilly was in, but she’s not officially participating. She’s trying to make a video tutorial on how to pry secrets from a rabbit. Now that sounds like a movie worth watching.

I’m going to get back to tallying that list of who has earned which extra points.

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