Point Values for tasks you complete

Hey! Jolie here. I’ve updated the Important Posts page, so look there for links to important information all in a handy linked list. I’ll link this post there too.

I’m working on an update for where everyone is in the points. These are the values I’ll be applying to the tasks you’ve completed.

50 points to the first person to get inworld

50 points for finding a journal page

40 points for each clue you get from a bunny (three clues hidden in each world)

20 points for the first time you check into a new world

10 points for liking Nara Malone Author page

10 points for following Naramalone.com blog

10 points for following nara_malone on Twitter

5 points for each comment on the Naramalone.com blog (must be relevant)

Plus all points the Big Door Toolbar tallies for you.

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