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    How Wrong Can Research Go?

    I was hanging upside down by my ankles, caught in a rookie trap, while three hunters dueled over me.I explained when the winner cut me loose,“I’m not here for sex submission. I’m a writer researching virtual roleplay.”He nodded and smiled. A leash snapped out,coiled around my neck.“No Anglais,” he said. ~~~~~~~~~~Okay, this wasn’t fiction, but it happened in virtual reality, which is sort of fictional, right? I’d tell you what happened next, but I don’t want to break any more rules and I’m at the word limit. 😉 This post was written as a contribution to G-Man’s Friday Flash 55. Click here to see what others wrote or to join…

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    Quarterz City World is Open

    The last of the worlds for the contest is open. This one is bigger and more difficult to find things in than any of the others, so I’ll give you some tips. The best way to find your way through a world this size is to hit the fly button and get up in the air above it all. Bird’s eye view is your friend. Most of the buildings are not searchable so that will save you time. The ones that are searchable are all over by the lighthouse. The Quarterz City is a post apocalyptic world setting from my newest novel, Snatch Me. More pictures below.

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    The winner this week is:

    I posted this over in Passionatereads.com comments, but im case you aren’t checking coomments I put it here too. It is nearly impossible to blog on the phone, so without further chatter: Maria Korolov is this week’s gift card winner. Maria I’ll be in touch next week from a real computer. ~Bond