Great Escape

The past couple of weeks I’ve been using Friday 55 to share the misadventures of a certain erotic romance writer researching the subject of her recent novel.We left off with our poor heroine hanging upside down by her ankles and wondering how you politely refuse an invitation to cherish a fellow’s Popsicle. If you’ve missed the two prior episodes and are wondering why she’s hanging by her ankles, look here. If you’re wondering what Popsicles have to do with it, look here. If you’re dying to know what happened next, see below.

As soon as the hunter cut me down, I dove through a hedge.

Bad move.

His horse was on the other side, and due to something called lag, I wound up attaching it to my head and stuck at the bottom of a river.

Wouldn’t you think he’d walk away at that point?

He didn’t!

This post is written a s a contribution to G-mans Friday Flash 55. To see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself, click here.

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