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La Bête Noir


His pre-timed growl
my alarm clock
hauling me by my hair
to pay justifiable homage
fragrant musk
steamy promises
making my veins twitch
for ribbed handle grip
like a junkie anticipating
needle’s prick
deep-throated scalding splash
guzzling ecstasy
lapping  last drop
quivering on  rim
leaves me hyped
begging for
cup of Joe
~Nara Malone

*Interesting factoid of the week.The video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas included an inaccessible minigame later dubbed the Hot Coffee mod. I don’t know why that’s important. I may have overdone the coffee this morn.

Weighing in at a trim 55 words this post is part of this week’s Friday Flash 55 and was written in response to the Three Word Wednesday prompt: growl, hype, justify. Drop by these wonderful blogs to see what others wrote, or join in the fun yourself.


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