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    Hide and Seek

    He’s coming for me now, and he’s seeking my hide. His boots thresh the forsythia. His moody threats taunt and tempt. But he cheated first–deserved what happened. That’s my only defense. He’s closing on me now, because I’ve pricked his pride. He thought he was so slick, counting to a hundred by tens. Wouldn’t you have grabbed the garden hose, when he had you hemmed in? He’s coming for me now. It’s not my pride he’ll prick. That drip, dripping from his shirt pulverizes courage, and conviction drains away as I’m gathering my skirt. He’s waiting for me now. He thinks speed is on his side. But I’m poised for…

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    Skinny Dipping App

    The fantasies you tempt me intorise thick and hotas the steam from foam coffee cupsdotting the boardroom table I get lostWander off to play with youWhile conversation drones I’m not AWOL longwhen someone askswhat I would do in said situation Whatever was saidtiptoed in one ear and out the otherwithout leaving an impression I need an app for thatsomething to mind the meeting programmed to deliver aha moments and witty responses that will cover my tracks Allow me to leave my business suit sitting primly in my chair while I sneak off for a little skinny dipping in a wet dream of you ~Nara This post was written in response…

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    Spirit Walkers Video Game Released

     It’s been a long time coming. I know I’ve talked everyone’s ear off about this game. But the big day is here at last. Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch is out! And there is a free download here. And you can see the slideshow of the screenshots here. This story is loosely based on legends and mysteries surrounding Virginia’s Great Dismal swamp. It was fun to write this with the team at Orchid Games and I know you all will enjoy playing. Go check it out.