Video Interview With a Female Werewolf

Can you believe it, I have live footage from an interview with a werewolf? Yep, right here on the blog today.

The heroine from Siobhan Muir’s new novel, Queen Bitch of Callowwood Pack, agreed to sit down at the Next Dimension Cafe with me and chat about life as a werewolf. As far as I know this is the first time a werewolf has agreed to do a video-taped interview. It was also my first time taping an interview. There were glitches. And because it all went down in the next dimension, there were major glitches.  I appreciate Julianna Morris’s patience with all the technical difficulties.

To keep the video clips as short as possible, and so I can cut out the embarrassing details–like me accidentally popping out of my chair and landing  in Julianna’s plate of crepes– I will post the question I asked here in print and embed her video response below the question.

So, Julianna, what is Callowwood like?


How did you wind up getting tapped as a candidate for alpha female of the Callowwood pack?


I want to hear all about Jeff Lightfoot. And I want the good stuff, the things you only tell your best girlfriend. 

And there you have it, enticing tidbits about the Queen Bitch of Callowwood Pack. Julianna Morris and Siobhan Muir are hanging around the blog today, so you have a chance to ask all those questions you’ve been dying to ask a werewolf. I’ll draw the name of one lucky commenter to win a signed copy of this hot cover.

You can find Siobhan Muir on Facebook or @SiobhanMuir Twitter or on her website. If you’d like to know more about Juliana Morris’ rise to role of Queen Bitch of Callowwood Pack, you can snag a copy of her hot story here.


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