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    Knowing You

    … How do I know you? I have my own way.I know you by height and width and shapeThat negative space outline your body fillsI know you by the way your hair goes to curls in the rain Misbehaving brown corkscrews shot with goldAnd by the lilt your tongue gives certain vowels when you’re arousedOr the rickety clack your tone takes when you’re annoyedI know you by the company you keepRagged men with ragged soulsI know you by the places you hauntJunkyards of lost causes that you find new uses forI can’t wax poetic about a blue-eyed devil or patrician nose or chiseled jawI can’t picture a faceBut I know you…

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    Finding Free and Legal Images for Your Blog

    Burning Candle image by Nara Malone Recent trouble for authors over the use of images for blogging has everyone taking a second look at their images. Don’t panic. You don’t need to delete your Pinterest account or have a plain text blog. You should ensure that the content you’re sharing is legally licensed for you to use. If it’s not, there are places to get free, beautiful images. Images on your blog: The Creative Commons Search engine is my favorite tool for finding free content to use in my blog posts. I usually click the box that says search for content that can be used for commercial use. Even though…

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    Tell Me No

      Warning!!! Naughty thoughts ahead. If you don’t like sex in your 55, don’t continue. No is a wet word You deliver it dry harshYou say don’t darecuz You know I‘ll dare And thenI’ll be badin troublepretend repentant Say itBut make it drip dangerMake me badthenPunish me Make mesay sorryWrite it100 timesin sticky trailsacross satin sheets ~Nara This post written as a contribution to G-Man’s Friday Flash 55. Drop by and see what others wrote.