Power Down

Rain Dance

1.  Power Lined

We’re playing a duet with the storm.
Laptop keys chatter. Hail hammers roof.
Lightning flashes. CRT  flickers.
Thunder boom plays backup to exploding cars on TV.

Your face illuminated in  glow of tablet  screen.
Lips pursed, fingers skimming glass, a rapid flick and swipe.

We’re plugged in. Wired in.
Net Worked. Net Flicked.
Two fish netted in a parallel solo that masquerades as duet.

2. Blacked Out

The storm is almost spent when the room goes dark.
Screens fade to black with a crackle and hiss.

I listen to the silence, as do you, contemplating the stretch of hours. Mind a wordless blank, dredging for topics to block out the deafening  silence.

Thrumming rain replaces hail.
Liquid beat easing the bite of mind-candy withdrawal,
inviting memories of life before the power line.

3. Body Talk

You’re unbuttoning, hips grooving with the rain.
“Do you remember?” Followed by sly smile.

I do.

Jeans a  tangled blue puddle by the kitchen door.
Holding hands.
Stepping into the rhythm of the rain. Our time machine.

Circling. Splashing. Licking.
Fingers flick and glide. Tongues swipe.

Picking up the bump-grind of body talk
Duets merging into a primal solo as two voices become one.


This sixty-niner threesome is dedicated to neighbors and friends still waiting for the power to return after Friday’s storm. Written in response to this week’s  Carry On Tuesday Prompt and as a contribution to Open Link night at dVerse Poets. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun.


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