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    Exiled #miniflash #romance #naramalone

    ~  A piece of you is still in meStill here and it can’t be lostThe peace of you is still in meStill here still with you gone When loneliness swamped meCaught out in a paper boatStill here, your peace bailed with meThat piece we could not drown When fortune’s hunt yields pyrite veins  When frost collides with hopeIt’s your peace that keeps me saneStill here still with you gone I’ve been exiled from paradiseSoul’s pockets emptied of all that shinesBut there’s a well worn path to where peace liesI’m waiting there for you A piece of you is still in meI’ll wait there for you ~ Nara Malone This post…

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    Slack-key Apostle

    A guitar in his handsis an acoustic Pentecost.Ten fingers turn to fifty riding steel stringsriding harmonic glory trainthrough souls on thrum of hammer-onpull-off slides. His fingers spit cloven-tongued flamesanointing chordsigniting crowd taking them on a journeyto an absence a free-falling blissinto an angelic orgy of notes. ~Nara Malone Hmm…I can write about something that has nothing to do with sex 😉 This post is a contribution to G-Man’s Friday Flash 55. Click through to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.

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    Gun Control #erotic #poetry #NaraMalone

    Some are flasherswaving their loaded weapon wide-eyed attentionmakes it stand proud Some prefer concealmentsecret powerdramatic revealthe rush of new respect But all guns Wanta holstera tight embrace leather, latex, silky heatwhether they ease inor slam home… once holsteredvelvet squeeze fingering hair-trigger then yes, thenevery gun cravesprays for gun control ~Nara Malone On April 16, 2007 a mentally ill boy came within a few seconds of blowing a hole in my life that I would never have recovered from. He came within seconds not once, but twice. I don’t have the heart to write about that. If I’ve crossed a line here, I apologize. I needed to shoot back. This post…