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    Fractaled Mind

    Nara turns herself into a butterfly… Last night, as the sun slid down to the horizon, reality and fantasy were still firmly encamped on opposite shores. Clinging to middle ground,  I resisted choosing sides. Until the stars–guides to mathematicians and dreamers–filled in the darkening canvas with a Van Gogh painting. Logic went fuzzy. Purple bled black. Last night, as moon rode steeds of violet fluff, differences downsized. Ones and zeroes courted similes and metaphors. Code entwined with prose, an unholy entanglement shattered physical laws. Paradox collided with coastline, tossing ragged lines of poetry ashore. I gathered them like shells, stuffing pockets with syllables to be arranged tomorrow, when reason dawned.…

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    Friday 55: Stalker

    There’s a tiger in my house.I don’t know where he came from.He looks at me like I know what he wants.I gave him my Cheerios. He doesn’t look satisfied. The dog is no help. I liked it better when my muse was a leopard–more hider than chaser.This tiger’s story wants writing! ~Nara Malone This post is a contribution to G-Man’s Friday 55. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.

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    Wing Walker

      OnceSheloved flasheye-candy menlickable lollipops of bronzed musclehot piston bodies pumping pleasure through the nightinnocence exploring the childhood of her womanhood, sweet couplings that soothed without satisfying. Until… He whispered, bodiless voice thrumming “The best sex happens from the neck up.”Commands launched her, walking wings of his desire. Mind game, word fuck, captured her, imagination unbound.Mind candy savored eternally. ~Nara Malone That last line of the first stanza won’t fit on one line but it should be one line. Fibonacci and I are are both out of our comfort zones on this one. This is my contribution to dVerse Poets OpenLinkNight. Stop by to see what others wrote or to…