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55 Reasons to Believe

Taken by Pedro Yorcliffe at Sandbox Plaza II (BulletSim)
On the night before

The night before Christmas
I met some folks virtually
Friends I knew only from their creative work
They were awesome!

We may never meet
But 52 times a year
You give me 55 reasons a week
[More or less ;-)]
To believe
You are awesome too

Wishing you a creative 2014.

~Nara  Malone

The first draft of this was 69 words. But hey, even I can follow the rules once a year. Happy Holidays! This is my contribution to G-Man’s Friday 55. Drop by after 8 pm ET Thursday nights or anytime Friday to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself. Special thanks to +Avia Bonne (in snow up front) and +Joe Builder (on the horse) at OSGrid for making that beautiful photo shoot happen.


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