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    My Writing Spot

    Writers get asked all the time about their writing process and favorite places to write. My favorite place to write has always been next to the ocean. The hypnotic inhale and exhale of the surf unleashes my imagination. I like to start writing in the dark side of morning and watch the world go from black to silver around me as I work. That time when it’s just light enough to make out the shapes around me but still dark enough to see the fairy lights is best.   I’m not much for interior decorating–weathered wood, a few pillows. My writing spot is a place to launch out of one…

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    Pokeweed Prayers

    Time rows backwards, like a boat, sighting on what’s behind to find the way ahead. You live life lost, not seeing where you’re headed till you’ve been there– kinda like love. Love rows backwards, like mending, steady dip and pull mating what’s parted It’ll heal your heart or rend it again and again till your patches sprout patches– kinda like pokeweed. Pokeweed rows backwards, like a poor man’s bet, a scratch-n-win patch through emptiness when a real meal can’t be found. It’ll fill you or empty you till you’re steady on your feet or shivering on your knees– kinda like faith. ~Nara Malone Photo Credit: Tennessee Warbler by Kenneth Cole…

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    Farewell for the G-Man

    So I hear you’re going to hop on your Harley,ride off into the sunset this weekend.Doesn’t surprise me.Isn’t that what the good guys do?And you’ve earned a break.So go on and go.I won’t miss you.Sniff.Much. Cuz… you told me awhile back I could clone you.So I did.Trouble is–he can’t say,“Have a kick-ass weekend!”like You do. ~Nara 🙁 Gonna miss you, G. This is my contribution to G-Man’s Friday Flash 55. Go here to join us in saying farewell.