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My Writing Spot

Writers get asked all the time about their writing process and favorite places to write. My favorite place to write has always been next to the ocean. The hypnotic inhale and exhale of the surf unleashes my imagination. I like to start writing in the dark side of morning and watch the world go from black to silver around me as I work.

That time when it’s just light enough to make out the shapes around me but still dark enough to see the fairy lights is best.

I’m not much for interior decorating–weathered wood, a few pillows. My writing spot is a place to launch out of one reality into another.

When I look up it’s into the eyes of a tiger or out the window into another world.

Windows on one side look out on a garden of unicorns, butterflies and plot bunnies. Another bank of widows opens on Mermaid Bay where a golden dragon stands guard and mermen frolic under the waves.

 Bird song, surf beat, and kitten mews merge into a writer lullaby, taking me into my write/dream mind. It’s like I’ve teleported into every favorite story book I read as a child. It’s a place where anything I can dream seems possible.

Credits: Bunnies, butterflies, mermaids, dragons, unicorns, tiger pictures and an assortment of fantasy plants come from +Selea Core. Little green dragon in the tree and little orange kitten from +Fred Beckhusen. House by Linda Kellie. Furniture and reading tree stump from the Little Field Furniture store that used to be in OS Grid.


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