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    Broken Reason

    When fantasies jackknife your to-do listsand longing for the aural caress of a lover’s sightrumps need for solitude, I’ll be your reason. When you’re on your knees,armor of business suit and spreadsheets shreddedby black satin sheets and scent of wild roses, I’ll be your reason. When your carefully mapped journey past temptation gets detouredby a kiss-licked trail headed south to curl your toes, making you forget all the reasons to say no, I’ll be the reason that un-breaks your heart. ~Nara Malone This is my contribution for Open Link Night at dVersePoets. Drop by this evening to join the fun or to read what others wrote.

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    Guest post by Siobhan Muir – To Boldly Go…Where?

    I’m so happy to be here today. I met Nara Malone four years ago when I picked up a copy of one of her books and loved it so much, I had to message her on Facebook. It’s been a full four years since that moment and we’ve connected in writing as well as in OpenSim, the virtual world, bringing our tales to a more visual plane. Early on when Nara asked me if I’d like to help out with Nara’s Nook and set up a small parcel in Greyville, I had no idea what OpenSim or SecondLife was. She showed me how to get an avatar and find clothes…