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Picture by Nara Malone in Scene 6 of Immersive Edge: Confusion

In this place of moon petals and impotence
We suspend revolving sorrow
Let wind walk up the curtains
Drawn tight against truth
Outside we play hide-and-seek
In the wilderness of windows
Ordering reflections
Birthing inner mannequins
Fleeing heaven

Picture by Nara Malone, scene 6 of Immersive Edge: Nostalgia

Immersive Edge grew out of a poem I wrote a long time ago. The pictures above are from scenes designed and built by +Cherry Manga  and +Praline B  this summer. They had never seen this Reflections poem and their build didn’t exist when I wrote it a year or two ago.  The words and images make me wonder if  our futures sometimes reveal themselves in poetry,  a precognitive dream on paper.

You can learn more about the Immersive Edge project here.

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