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Book Love: Giving away a Kindle Fire and a Stack of eBooks

We love books at the Writer’s Colony in the virtual world of Nara’s Nook.

Greyville Writer’s Colony at Nara’s Nook.

I think the stack of books of books you see in this video might be dwarfed by the one I’m teaming up with Tibby Armstrong and a group of other authors to give away. Tibby is adding a Kindle Fire to the prizes you can win in this giveaway. I’m contributing a copy of The Tiger’s Tale.

A few years ago Tibby talked me into logging into my first virtual world. Today I have my own grid for virtual worlds and authors who use them to inspire their writing and promote their books.  So big hugs to Tibby for taking time to get me started and please click the link to the giveaway to see how to get your name in the running to win prizes.

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