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    The Dungeon Gourmet dubbed “deep and touching”

    I found a link to a lovely review for The Dungeon Gourmet in my email. This was different kind of story, about a different kind of love, and two people who found themselves — like many lovers these days — trying to maintain a long distance relationship. That storyline introduced some obstacles, not only for the characters, but for me as a writer. I had to find some new ways to tell my story. I felt like a cook serving up an untested recipe to a room full of guests. I’m so pleased Mistletoe over at Whipped Cream, enjoyed the meal. There’s an excerpt below and a link to the…

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    Thirteen Things about Cooking

    cooking on a fire on Flickr – Photo Sharing! 1. Some people take cooking to the level of art.2. I’m not one of those people3. My dog comes running when the smoke detector goes off. He thinks it is the dinner bell.4. The cats hide when the smoke detector goes off. They are smarter than the dog.5. When family comes to visit, they insist on taking me out to dinner. 6. When I visit other people and offer to help in the kitchen, they have me set the table.7. A fire truck cruises by my house around dinner time — just in case.8. Some people are tone deaf and can’t…

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    The Accidentally Clever Cover Art

    Friday 55 There are no do-overs for cover art. There are only do-overs for cover art requests. I redid mine a hundred times, seeking the perfect idea to represent my baby, child of my imagination. Finally, I requested a sexy guy with a whip in a dungeon. But, I didn’t mean that kind of whip! Flickr Photo Download: dungeongourmet_msr It’s okay though. I wouldn’t do this over if I could. You can see what other participants in the Friday Flash 55 wrote here.