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    Going Down Blues (jazz poetry)

    Count me inbabysingwe’re going down down Down into red blues down wherenightmares can’t dream Pitch the canned heatkeep the beat slick licksburning throughjelly rollsriffing Tangle in my darkbabyblack cat bonedrumming skin down We rain harmonysyrupdusting your broomwash itdownsimmer down jamjamming you free Rhythm going liquidmilk spillingdownhoneygoing downblues ~Nara Malone This is my contribution to G-man’s Friday 55 and dVersePoets Meeting the Bar. I’ll confess. I tried and tried to beat this down to 55. The best I could do was 69. I tried to beat it down to jazz, but it came out blues.

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    Twice the Burn

    Photograph: Burn by accent on eclectic, on Flickr photo sharing Two at onceOne all heart, The other all mind Two sets of teeth to tug and teaseFour hands fanning the flamesResistance squashed between two rebel hearts Moonlight spilling over bare limbsShadows entwined in an undulating danceOur breaths a watery song, syncing You need this says the firstYou want this says the secondYou are loved they whisper together I think I shouldn’t One should fill my needsBut two, two are sooo sweet Two hot tonguesTwenty clever fingers Twenty sticky fingers How can IHow can weHow can I not We go downCool sheets under usSweat slicked body on either side Melting between…