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    Is Opensim Dying or Evolving?

      It’s a question we’re all asking ourselves right now. We see grids closing. We hear all the whispers of doom. We wonder what the future holds for Opensim. We’ve been quiet at Nara’s Nook lately, but not because we depressed about the future. Summer is the time we work on our big projects with an aim to taking them public in the fall. Add to that the main server at Nook was way past it’s prime and everything had to be moved and set up on a new server. We’re back up and running so feel free to visit again. As to the question at hand: I came to…

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    Paranormal Activities, Parallel Worlds, and the Evolving Book (via Passionate Reads)

    My ongoing search for interesting ways to tell a story… Have you ever wondered what invisible things get dogs so excited when you take them for a walk? Mine will trot along and suddenly his tail will go straight up like an exclamation point. His nose is glued to the ground as if it were a train engine attached to an invisible track, dragging the rest of his body along for the ride. He'll do figure eights and zigzags, climb over a log or under a bush, making this loud snuffling sound the whole time. We … Read More via Passionate Reads