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    Going Down Blues (jazz poetry)

    Count me inbabysingwe’re going down down Down into red blues down wherenightmares can’t dream Pitch the canned heatkeep the beat slick licksburning throughjelly rollsriffing Tangle in my darkbabyblack cat bonedrumming skin down We rain harmonysyrupdusting your broomwash itdownsimmer down jamjamming you free Rhythm going liquidmilk spillingdownhoneygoing downblues ~Nara Malone This is my contribution to G-man’s Friday 55 and dVersePoets Meeting the Bar. I’ll confess. I tried and tried to beat this down to 55. The best I could do was 69. I tried to beat it down to jazz, but it came out blues.

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    Drawing — Face by Nara Malone She lived in a faceless world,unable to discern the beautiful from the ugly, family from strangers, her own face in a photo. A scientific breakthrough rebooted her visual processor, revealing faces in intricate and unique planes, angles, shadows. Still she wondered, how is it that every face isn’t thought beautiful, a living artwork. This post is part of G-Man’s Fridy Flash 55. Stop by to see what others wrote.

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    Friday Flash 55: Dumped

    Photo licensed through Creative Commons by Sean Dreilinger on Flickr photo sharing. At his age the sight of me in shorts shouldn’t get him so excited.He licks my knees.“No way.”He licks my toes.“It’s too early.”His eyes adore me.I get my running shoes.I’m dumped at the front gate for the first big-eyed doe to flick her tail at him. This post is part of G-Mans Friday Flash 55. Drop by to see what other participants wrote.