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    Lover’s DIY Photoelectric Coloring Book

    Materials: Light Emitting Source–this would be me, cuz that magic you do with your fingers gets me glowing. Metal Rod–this would be you, cuz I have an alchemical tongue-twisting technique for turning your rod to steel. Applicable Theory: When the source luminance exceeds the threshold frequency of the receiving pole, said conductor will emit, eject, discharge light. Source and conductor thus form a wave particle-duality filling intimate space with electric primaries of blue, pink, and green. Procedure: 1) Commence amplifying glow and transmuting flesh to steel. 2) Position source directly over receiving conductor. 3) Direct manipulation of electric contact amplifies effect. 4) Alteration in amplitude and wavelength induces emission changes…

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    Silent Love Song

    Santa Fe Trail 28 Mar 2010 by Brokentaco, on Flickr I never was the queen of chat.Monthly minutes used on my phone tend toward single digits. I never minded your silence.I think you’re quiet because you’re listening.Listening intently,with more than your ears. I’ve seen you on a summer night,shirtless,rocking in time to crickets and katydids,each beat of breath in rhythm, as if  your cells breathe sound rather than air. I’ve seen you transfixed by the swoosh of waves,arms spread wide like a bird poised for take-off,as if you can catch the vibrations in hollow-flute bones,let the boom of surf against rock lift you like song into the clouds I’ve seen…

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    Turning Tide

     ..   Surf’s almost up SugarLet’s catch these last curlsToes to nose Schwack-pumping juicy wavesTubed in tandemBanging the backside of life Carve-ripping the cavesInto acid-drop nose divesNo worries for the future Let’s cruise it ’til we lose itGet hell-munchedPeeled and shredded, until… Nothing matters but usGoing frothyTwo rag dolls pasted to the shore ~~Nara Malone This was originally written for Sunday Scribblings and then later tweaked because the theme that day just didn’t quite fit where I wanted this to go. Tonight I’m sharing with dVerse Poets Pub. Go here to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.