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    One Single Impression: Inner Voice

    Translation Needed She doesn’t speak in words,this inner voice of mine.She takes the long way ’round,the scenic route. She leads me through forests dressed in moonlight,and past fields of dark-eyed flowers.She comes from a land of feathered treesand heart-shaped butterflies. I speak to her in the simplest sentences,subject-verb-object.She answers in riddled landscapes.I don’t know what we mean,but I bet she does. See other impressions on Inner Voice.

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    One Single Impression: The Stranger

    This is my first impression for the One Single Impression poetry prompt. This week poets are blogging their impressions of: The Stranger. I’ve used a narrative poetry form I like to play with. Three parts, 69 words each, not counting the titles. Flickr Photo Download: Good morning Mr. Toad The Stranger 1. Wanted: One Toad I know, right where I lost him,the exact moment he slipped from my fingers,landed on his head, and shattered our lives. He didn’t want the hospital.I should have listened.They wheeled him away on a stretcherand gave a stranger back. I told the doctor I had someone else’s pet.She pointed at the wristband,as if that plastic…