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    Nara Resurfaces

    Post-it Boy is on a boat! on Flickr – Photo Sharing! I’ve had some flooding at my little business. I’ve been tied up with the clean up, insurance, and getting my office moved to a new location. If you’re looking for your e-library, they’ve been mailed and I’ve heard from at least one winner who has hers. If you’re wondering where the heck the newsletter is, I have that computer bailed out and dry. I’m aiming to finish the newsletter by Monday. If you’re waiting for something else…um…no worries. I’m sure the post-it reminding me to do that will float by soon.

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    My First Glamourous Day as an E-book Author #ebookweek

    I couldn’t get online because heavy rains knock out the sat link and leave me with no Internet. So I’m sitting in a local beauty  shop, with glittery purple goop in my hair, blogging. The purple goop, I’m told, will leave my hair soft and shiny and not at all purple. Let’s hope this is true. This would be a bad week to wind up with purple hair. But that was the price to pay for the only wi-fi in town, so I made the sacrifice. In all the years I was imagining the day I made my debut as an author, I never once pictured it like this. The…