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    Three Vooks for iPad Reviewed

    1. Promises, by Jude Deveraux Video + Book = Vook. But does it equal an advance in storytelling. I’ll be straight with you — no one wants to see interactive forms of fiction succeed more than I do. So if there’s something good to say about technology applied to storytelling, I’m going to find it. Did I find anything good at the Vook store? Let’s start with my first Vook. I purchased Promises several months ago to read on my iPod Touch. It’s an interesting idea, but the application was buggy and the platform too small to do it justice.  This week I updated the app and loaded it on…

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    Night Owl Reviews: The Tiger’s Tale

    Thank you, Delenn. “The Tiger’s Tale”, was an extremely imaginative, highly erotic tale of a society of feline shape-shifters on the verge of extinctions. I loved that Ms. Malone included very detailed descriptions of the animalistic aspects of the feline species, while adding her own variations of the mating ritual.” You can see the rest of the review here.