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    The Thinker’s Cure

    When you’re eaten up with things to doWhen elegant brilliance leaveshungers unfilledWhen your heart has a head cold I want to be a naughty smile Sneaking up on yougetting wedged betweencontemplations ofimmaculately empty dreamsandrisk-analysis of ascending trusts making youlose your listsof logistical etceterasget lostin the sway of hipsbeating like a rhythmic seaagainst reality’s shores Unraveling dark-knit ponderingsone lick at a timeerecting a problem-solutionto clear your headin the sweep of saucy tideswallowing sorrow And then I want to be… that last droptremblingon the cornerbetweennaughty and Your smile ~Nara Malone This post is a contribution to Sunday Scribblings and dVerse Poets. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join the…

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    Night Watch

    Night makes love to me from its darkest heart. Solitude scalding retro innocence.Twinkling eyes, a turquoise universesend chill bumps up my arms. Owl flute, cricket violin,spilling seedhaunting notes running over my skin.Micro alchemy. Cold breath against the toe peeking from under cover.Intrastimulation eating thoughts,dissolving reality with onyx tears. ~Nara This post was written as a contribution to G-man’s Friday Flash 55. Click here to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.