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    How Not to Get Outwitted by a Virtual Hunt

    It’s easy to feel witless when you first tackle a virtual world, and Second Life has a reputation for a brain-twisting learning curve. I’d like to say that wasn’t my experience, but I have done my share of smacking into doors that close before I can get through them, getting stuck on low hanging objects when I fly, and getting dumped bald and naked into the center of a crowd of people because my viewer crashed while I was changing and delivered me to someplace not my home when I logged back in. Second Life has been working harder at making itself more accessible, and while some of these things…

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    Make me lickableFlavor me with sensationFinger stir an exotic blendFind my boiling pointDistill love’s liqueur Measure me outTwo parts naughty To one part darkThen lick me upOne drop at a time This post is in response to the Sunday Scribblings prompt. Click here to see what others have written or to join the fun yourself.

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    Missing Muse

    From August 28, 2011 I don’t sleep much. Lately, I don’t sleep. Have you ever felt like something was creeping up on you? I don’t mean a physical thing, but a change, something that will turn your life inside out. That’s how I feel now. I wish I had a magic mirror or crystal ball that would give me a glimpse of what’s coming. I feel like I have this countdown clock ticking away in the background of my life and I don’t know if it’s counting down to something bright and beautiful or if it will blow this rickety built little world of mine into so much straw. The…