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    Friday 55: Throw Me In The Water

    Standin’ at the edge Lost what it takesAll the surfers watchin’Gonna laugh at my mistakes Cold promo desert Dried me right up I wanna stick a toe in But that surf looks rough Throw me in the water, baby Get me all wet Been telling stories all my lifeAnd I can’t quit yet Inspired by John Cruz’s video and G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.

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    A Writer’s Dream: Getting to Pleasure

    Once I found a secret story hidden behind a rabbit’s picture on a web page. Clicking the link revealed a journal kept by a writer. It’s been a while now, but the part I remember most was that she found a magic mirror. I don’t recall why she was drawn to put it on her desk and stare into it before she started writing. She said it was as if all her internal resistance to getting down to work vanished when she did that. Writing wasn’t hard when she looked in that mirror. Telling stories turned from struggle to pleasure. She could write for hours, forgetting who she was, where…

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    Creative Jailbreak

    “Before embarking on his life as an artist, Vincent Van Gogh wrote of his yearning to be creative, which caused him to feel like “the man…whose heart is…imprisoned in something. Because he hasn’t got what he needs to be creative…Such a man often doesn’t know himself what he might do, but he feels instinctively: yet I am good for something, yet I am aware of some reason for existing!…something is alive in me: what can it be!” Quoted in Brewster Ghiselin, ed. The Creative Process, 1952. Van Gogh’s words resonate with me. So often I sit at the keyboard with only an awareness of something there, something imprisoned that needs to…