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    Photo by Tomorrow Never Knows on Flickr photosharing Morning brings two choicesRunNot runOpening the front door, a wall of heat bumps my faceSteals my breath, like opening the oven door to check a cakeI inhale the scent of parched grass and baking leavesI ponder that pain in my hip, the throb in my big toeAt my feet the dog pants, wags his whole body, spins in circlesHe doesn’t need a choiceMight as well ask him if he wishes to breathe The workday brings two choicesWritePretend I will get to it in a minuteOpening the word processor is a beatingDoubts slap my faceFears knuckle my stomachOn a shelf is a fat,…

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    Friday 55: Sidetracked

    I was going to write Sunday, but there was a motivation to ponder. Monday the werewolf dropped in (see Wednesday’s post).Tuesday the wizard school (see Wednesday).Thursday I accidentally deleted half my house.Today, disk failure.I’m not giving up. I will write today, by cellphone.There’s a phone in my hand. Look closer. See? ~~~ This post was written as a contribution to G-Mans. Flash Fiction Friday 55. Stop in and see what others wrote.

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    The Fantasies That Keep Us Going

    I began my journey with The Tiger’s Tale at the end of January, 2008. I attached my story to a contest entry form, took a deep breath for courage and hit send. I was hoping for useful feedback and was stunned by a win. Winning was a start, but there was a long trek between the win and landing a publishing contract. When I’m running in a long distance race, I use mental tricks to get myself through the tough spots, those places where I don’t believe I can put one foot in front of the other one more time. I might visualize the clock as I cross the finish…