Nara’s Virtual Worlds

Visit Immersive Edge, the newest interactive  Hypergrid Story, in a new controlled viewer experience:
1) Download and install the Onlook Virtual World Viewer so you can view the story world and walk around in it.
2) Create an account here. I know it is a pain but this is how the system knows to make you an avatar in the virtual world. This is also how you can get back to your avatar, like a bookmark in the story, should you need to stop and continue later.


Now launch the Onlook Viewer software you installed and type the following in the form fields at the bottom of the viewer.
Name: First and Last name you used when creating account. Leave a space between the two just like you see in mine above.
Password: Same as for account you created.
Grid: If there is anything in that box delete it and then copy and paste this there instead–
This tells the story who to put in the story world and where to put them. Check the boxes to remember name and password. In the future all this info will be saved for you. In the start location you want to keep last location. The first time it will log you into the default starting area, but after that it will log you in where you left off.
That’s it. You’re ready to go.

Hypergrid Stories Past

We spread our stories across the metaverse and invited readers to play along in discovering our tales.  The interactive phase of the project but the authors are looking at more traditional ways to share the stories. As soon as we have that worked out I will link you to content on this page. Keep an eye here for more projects that push the boundaries of storytelling.
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