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Why The Tech Giants Want to Buy the Metaverse…

We make magic here

I’m talking the homegrown and handmade sort of magic. Stories that cast a spell. Art that transports you to another reality. Music that picks you up and puts you back together after a lousy day. The kind of magic made when ordinary people with no power or influence do powerful things.

Why they’ll fail

Biting into homegrown tomato—one carefully tended and left on the vine to go ripe in the July heat, one so fragrant you can breathe in the flavor, one fattened on summer rain—is an experience that will turn you away from the pale, fragrance-free, flavorless things produced on a factory farm.

Art needs time to grow, simmer, needs to be born in a soul. 

Tech giants can’t commercially produce the emotional connection everyday artists inspire.  They’ve failed before, but they’re back with a new marketing angle.

So, who’s up for being half a person?




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