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    Cook Naked: Celtic Feast of the Waxing Light

    Happy Imbolc ! This post was originally a character blog from that beloved fictional Chef’s of the romance world, The Dungeon Gourmet–Jacques Bond. I’ve managed to recover access to our posts at the old Passionate Reads archive and this one celebrating Imbolc is just the right thing to share today. Enjoy: From the Dungeon Gourmet February, she is the dark heart of winter. It is easy to go flat, blah, and feel like the sun will never be back. The wait seems endless when we’re shut inside with the ice storms and howling wind rattling the windows. Have heart. We are at the turning point, yes? The light is on…

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    January Goal: Repurposing Mistakes that have no Undo Button

    I’ve always been a little afraid of the Blender 3D modeling software. My early attempts at figuring out how to use it yielded masses of self-replicating windows. But the software has evolved into something a tiny bit more intuitive. It’s actually possible to turn out something reasonable in under a month. That was the goal I set myself at the start of this year: make a gingerbread boy and rig him to bring into a game engine. Which I did. But the result was not quite the AAA quality I imagined. He was just awful enough to be awfully cute, so instead of trashing him I used him in another…

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    The Small Creators Great Twitter Migration

      Plumbing Issues are for the Birds   It’s been a crazy couple weeks. Right after this weird dude showed up at Twitter with a sink, my hot water heater at home blew up. I did that whole thing of mopping up the water with stacks of towels, hauling out the old heater, and ordering a replacement. Only instead of replacing with the same old thing and looking at having to do it all again when a new tank outlive it’s life, I decided to try a tank-less water heater.  Hopefully the upgrade will prove satisfying. I logged back into Twitter. Looks like the new plumber is really crap at…