Adventures in 3D Storytelling



Nara's Nook Grid
Telling stories in 3 dimensions

We celebrated 10 years of 3D storytelling at Nara’s Nook grid this year.  The above pic was from the launch day of our Immersive Edge story regions back in 2015.  It’s always been challenging, and crazy and an endless adventure. We never grow tired of it. While it looks like we’ve been absent for awhile, we’ve been growing our skills and expanding techniques.


This year’s group  project has been the Story Islands. You can find them at world.narasnook.com: 8900

Once you land on the default region, search for “story” on the map and teleport in.

We brought books to life as interactive beach reads on a series of islands this summer. We even threw in some horses to ride around and swim with visitors between the islands.

Nook members Siobhan Muir, Dorena Bree, Torn MacAlester, Neo Cortex, Shannan Albright and Nara Malone contributed to the islands build.


At the end of the summer we entered my interactive tale called Find the Hero in the GameDev.tv game jam.

This was an experiment in telling interactive stories via WebGL so that both visitors to our virtual world and visitors on the internet could share the experience. Shannan Albright, Sheep Freak, and Neo Cortex also contributed to the Find The Hero project.

You can play the game right here.

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