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The Small Creators Great Twitter Migration


Plumbing Issues are for the Birds


It’s been a crazy couple weeks. Right after this weird dude showed up at Twitter with a sink, my hot water heater at home blew up. I did that whole thing of mopping up the water with stacks of towels, hauling out the old heater, and ordering a replacement. Only instead of replacing with the same old thing and looking at having to do it all again when a new tank outlive it’s life, I decided to try a tank-less water heater.  Hopefully the upgrade will prove satisfying.

I logged back into Twitter. Looks like the new plumber is really crap at his job and Twitter pretty much blew up. I’ve been using Twitter for 15 years. I followed character tweets and ARG clues from Twitter users when the site was new. When I had my first book release back in 2010, I didn’t have internet service out here in the sticks. I went to a beauty shop in town and let them smear glittery purple goo in my hair and do a bunch of other stuff so I could hook up to their internet and tweet and blog my first book release. So many tweet memories. It’s hard watching friends fly off and seeing Twitter implode.

Interesting that Facebook and Twitter are in their death throes at the same time. Clueless billionaire boyz wanting to be cool kids have royally screwed up things for the small creators and businesses that have grown to depend on these resources..

Doesn’t matter.

Social media will eventually remake itself, an upgrade into something more distributed and diverse. It’ll be harder to silence the next wave of indie thinkers and artists.We’ll let new ideas, on how to go forward, simmer over the holidays and maybe the new year will open our eyes to new directions. In the meantime we should all reach out and let each other know where we can be found out there in the remaining islands of social media. In an effort to support that goal my creator friends and I are reaching out and will do a week long series of posts at the various sites to find all like-minded creative souls, following, subscribing, sharing or possibly tooting and plurking. Who knows.


How to participate:

We will post tweets on twitter inviting you to share links to the appropriate type of social media for that day. Drop your links in a comment to each of us and then we’ll follow, RT, and share your links on all our various social media. You do the same.

Here is the schedule:

Schedule of Tweets on Twitter:

Friday, November 11 2022: Blogs around the interwebs – Blogger, Discus, WordPress etc

Saturday, November 12 2022: Alternate ‘Twitter’ like Mastodon, Countersocial, etc.

Sunday, November 13 2022: Visually centered social media like Instagram, Pinterest, DeviantArt etc.

Monday, November 14 2022: Video focused social media like YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Tuesday, November 15 2022: Discord, Reddit, Patreon, Radish

Wednesday, November 16 2022: Old faithfuls like Tumblr, Linkedin, etc.

Thursday, November 17 2022: Still working but for how long like Facebook, MeWe, Ello, etc.

And here are our profiles on Twitter:

I will not be commanded,  I will not be controlled, and I will not let my future creative work be silenced by a weird dude who carries around a sink to look cool.


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