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    What’s so amusing?

    “ Seven Little Tigers Seven little tigers jumping on the bed, one fell off and lost her head. I know. I know. I’ve lost my head. That rhyme has been running through my mind since my shipment of flash drives for the Read an E-Book Week great pocket library giveaway arrived. I hear these little girl, sing-song voices in my head and it makes me smile. If I were young enough to jump on the bed without damage to the ceiling, the bed, or me, I’d be there. I’m so excited about next week. I know this is Carry-on Tuesday and encouraging each other is what we do, but I’m…

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    The Year of the Tiger

    by Mape_S on flickr It’s Chinese New Year and the year of the tiger. It sounds like the perfect year to publish my first book, The Tiger’s Tale. The final edits are finished and I should learn the release date any day now. I have survived the string of snow storms hammering the area, without Internet connection or power for most of the past couple of weeks. You wouldn’t think bad weather could put such a crimp in your blogging. I was hoping for better weather this week, but there is another storm rolling through tomorrow. I’ll post  as I can.

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    Milestones to Happiness

    zenera on Flickr I don’t know if I believe in the idea of spiritual synchronicity, but when something tries to insert itself in my life on three different occasions, I give it some attention. Such was the case with The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. I think it may be the first case of a book stalking a reader. But that’s a long story and the point is that after a month of being accosted by a book I hadn’t intended to read (the sample chapter lurking on my Nook is there because a friend wanted to look it over and the local B&N was out of copies) I have…