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    Poetry Train: The Last Layer

    Flickr Photo by TLA8 The last layer frustratesHimMeHe wants to tear it away like wrapping from a presentI want to weld it in place like so much armor The best is saved for lastTranslucent silkPeek-a-boo laceRibbons and gartersDo the contents ever live up to the wrapping? I surf through naked photos of strangersAll the pale flesh, moles, scars, rolls hanging outI respect the boldnessI don’t envy itI shrink from it I think of wet catsAll that power and arroganceFlattenedShrunkenTo gray skin and bone I want to wrap them back upIn a personaGive them back theirHiss and BristleWatch that expressive furRipple and fluff with their moods Do I need to be…

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    Monday Poetry Train: Black Fruit

    Flickr Photo Download: Garden of the moon The seeds are locked away in a vault,in an icebound cave,and there they will stay,until there is time,until there is courage.Your seeds are the germ of desirestoo secret, too dark to share,and so they are left on icenever to blossom, go to fruit, go back to seedIt’s a shame.You could have sown those fantasiesin me. View other poets on the train.