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Thirteen Things about Reading E

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1. I can take my library on vacation.

2. There’s no space for one more book in my house.

3. My house doesn’t come with a search feature to tell me which room, which pile, which box, which shelf holds the book I’ve spent three hours looking for.

4. Paper books don’t come with a search feature to help me find a particular line.

5. Paper  books don’t come with a search feature that searches all my notes and bookmarks.

6. My iPod Touch can hold several hundred books and fit them in my pocket. My pocket can’t.

7.  I love the smell and feel of a forest more than i love the smell and feel of a book.

8. I don’t have to drive an hour to buy a book.

9. I don’t have to wait a week for the book I just bought online.

10. When I share a book with a friend my Nook remembers to give it back to me two weeks later.

12. When I’m at work and waiting on a lengthy task I can whip out my iPod Touch or my PDA and look busy while I tap screens and make notes, but really I’m reading a romance novel.

13. I can read romances without others snickering because I’m holding a book with a man and woman groping each other on the cover. Which means you guys can give romances a try(try my erotic romance novel first) and no one would know.

The picture above is a screenshot of an e-reading app on an iPod Touch. And if you want to read that book, you can read it on your computer for free. It’s available from Project Gutenberg.


  • Pam P

    One more reason if your reader has a backlight – reading in the dark (as long as you have it all charged up, lol). Comes in handy when the power goes out (used to read my prints by either candelight or flashlight being a night owl), or sharing a room on vacation and up late at night reading while others are going to sleep.

  • Karen in TN

    I love that every book weighs the same – no more three pound plus tomes that strain your wrist to carry, let alone read.

    Hiding the covers is an additional benefit (no matter what your secret reading pleasure is).

  • Yvette Davis

    What I was gonna say about ebooks is that they give the reader more options as to story length. For instance, I've sweated through 300-400 page novels that never seemed to end, but it's a breeze to read a 70 page ebook, and you get about as much bang for your buck. In addition, you can't buy that 70 page book at the bookstore, 'cause publishers refuse to print them. So I guess I'm saying I like publishing options and instant gratification! I'd be dangerous with an actual Ereader! I just use .pdfs.

  • Dana

    I will be getting an iTouch because I want to download ebooks and audio books. It's smaller than my reader and can fit into a small purse.

  • char

    hi nara,

    I liked your article on reading E. I have an ereader and an Ipod Touch. I use the Ipod the most.not only can I carry around a bunch of books,but there's so many games that are fun to play.Don't you just hate it when you know you have a paperback somewhere,but can't find it?At least if it's on a reader,it's easy to find.

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