The Plot Bunny’s Tale

Before Nara ever heard the term plot bunny,
bunnies showed up in her stories.
One taught a tiger how to teleport — The Tiger’s Tale.
One taught  the hero how to use Google — The Mesmerist’s Tale.
Now they’ve turned up on her blog — Plot Bunny’s Tale:
An internet adventure to feed your head.
Watch for rabbits.

~~This Is Not Nara


Apparently this post is a contribution to the Friday 55. I just want to say, Nara (me)is not responsible for what stray rabbits post on her blog. Apparently this adventure can’t start until I follow that plot bunny down the rabbit hole. Not gonna happen. No way that’s happening. I’ve never heard of The Plot Bunny’s Tale! I’ve got enough stories to write and I’m already stuck in a plot hole. I’m headed over to G-Man’s Friday 55 to get my head fed on some great flash fiction.


Pssst…If you don’t get this (technique stolen from G-man) click What’s with the rabbit?.
S.S. Petunia, listing hard to port!


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