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What You Should Know About Shadows

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Shadow Facts:
A shadow is a void, an impenetrable absence.
There are the dark puddles cast by forms light can’t penetrate.
Mountains cast the rain shadows we call desserts.
Vacuums cast sound shadows, pure pockets of silence.
Death is a shadow the living can’t penetrate.

Shadow Being Aliases:
Old Hag
Crushing Demon
Umbra (darkest part of any kind of shadow)
Pressing Ghost
Orgun Oru (nocturnal warfare)
Common theme here–malevolence

Shadow Being Facts:
They slink into the world from the earth’s umbra,
from the umbra of the night (that still, silent time before dawn),
from the umbra of the room where their intended sleeps.
The source, or void, that casts a shadow being remains a mystery.

Shadow Attack Facts:
By the time the intended is aware,
it’s too late.
Fang-like cold pierces bones,
immobilizing the body,
sucking warmth,
sucking light,
sucking sound,
muting screams.
Weight, like a mountain on the chest,
crushes breath.

Shadow Survival Guide:
Petrification turns wood to stone;
Shadows do the same to victims.
Movement equals survival.
Moving mountains would be easier.
Start small.
Move a pinky. Bat an eye. Win you.
Movement fractures the ice-lock,
sends the beast scurrying
back to the pit that spawned it.

Shadow Defense Strategies:
Keep watch.
Keep a light on.
Sleep in the day.
Know how to tell good shadows from bad–
bad ones have an eye.

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